Ein Gedi plein écran


Alexandre Baron Impressions

Welcome to my new website! After 7 years, 9 months, 937 shared photos and 543.000 visits on my Flickr photostream, I figured it was time for a new website with a sleeker interface. There are dozens of new photos that I never shared on Flickr before. You will discover them here…

  • Projects are photo essays, stories and works I have published, or simply been working on.
  • Places are about, well…, places that I’ve been to and that inspire me.

I will also continue posting photos, diary-style, on this blog and on flickr, and why not, inspirations from other photographers as well. This is just a starter, I have many other sets in preparation, including three big chunks of my young life as an aspiring photographer: Syria, Morocco and Berlin. So come again soon!

I hope you will enjoy your visit!

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